The Easy And Funny Guide On How To Be A Cat

If you’ve been considering a career change, now’s a great time to consider becoming a cat. That’s because Lisa Swerling and Ralph Lazar, the creative artists behind Last Lemon, have created a simple and funny guide for ‘How To Be A Cat!’
The two call it the Internet’s first “user-driven guide,” since they’ve been taking suggestions from their followers. The general gist seems to be that you must strike a fine balance between apathy, neediness, and infuriating obstructiveness. If so, it would seem that my cat is an expert.

How To Be A Cat

how to be a cute little cate

how to sit on the couch

how to sleep as a cat

a cute little cat

when you enter the room

when you sleep on your bed

a couch and a girl

how to exactly jump

a woman and her pet

random things in the house

Credits: Boredpanda

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