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tiny umbrellas for shoes

These Are The Most Useless Inventions Ever

Why would you invent such useless things? Take a look at these useless inventions and tell us what do you think about them? They are pretty stupid right? Useless Inventions Credits: Dose

a cute little rounded hairstyle dog

Hilarious Rounded And Square Haircuts For Dogs

A taiwanese stylist has just created a new trend for doggies, round and square haircuts! Take a look at these photos and have fun, the little ones are so hilarious! Round And Square Haircuts...

one big green hamster and the rest avengers

This Is Marvel’s Avengers: Rodent Edition

Watch this Marvel’s Avengers trailer, but with hamster instead of the famous super heroes! This is absolutely hilarious and i’m sure it will make your day! Have fun! Marvel’s Avengers: Rodent Edition Credits: Youtube...