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10 Top Crazy Transportation Methods

Simply put human imagination at its best. These people have the ability to fit all those things on their transportation like pros. How did they do that? Perseverance most likely. Scooter riding is better...

Cute Hedgehog Eating His Food

Hedgehogs are shy animals. But when food is around everything changes. This cute hedgehog cheers up when food approaches his mouth.

Snoozing Dogs and Cats

It will be hard not laugh at the following video compilation with dogs and cats. Pets, especially dogs and cats, are masters when it comes in giving us funny moments.

Funny Moments With 5 Dachshunds Swimming

This is a dog race between Dachshunds that you don’t want to miss. The owners of the small Dachshunds thought it might be a good idea to have a dog race, called “The Dachshund...

funny moments with little kid with mohawk

Funny Moments with little kids

Little kids can sometimes be very funny and cute! But they can be more funnier when they are doing “illegal things” LOL! Watch those little kids being mischievous and very adorable at the same...