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Stoned funny dogs

Dogs Stoned, After a Visit to the Vet

This is a funny compilation with stoned dogs from the anesthetic they got at the vet. This is very funny, let’s watch together and have fun! Stoned dogs

The best dog trainer

Trainer Walks Pack Of Dogs Without A Leash

These are the most amazing and intelligent dogs i’ve ever seen! Look what this trainer can do with six amazing dogs. Maybe we should learn from this trainer how to walk our dogs. Good...

little girl feeding six pitbulls

4 Years old little girl feeding six pitbulls

What can be more adorable than a 4 years old little girl feeding six pitbulls! This is the most adorable and cute video on the internet! Just watch how those adorable pitbulls listen to...

10 Funny messages dogs have for you

It is impossible not to forgive these dogs for their small sins, but that does not mean that they should pay for their crimes. Many love pets, especially dogs. Of course, they make different...

cats & dogs ripping out the pillow

Cats & Dogs Filmed When Home Alone

What happens when you leave your cats & dogs home alone? If you want to find out, watch the following videoclip. This is a reminder to everyone who have as a company pet a...

pets trapped between two couches

Pets and animals vine compilation

You do love funny and hilarious compilations of a pet, or pets, or animals, or an animal, but sometimes it is too short right? Well, i have just the solution! This video is a...