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a very big dog and baby

Adorable Photos Showing That Your Kids Need A Dog

Kids and dogs go together perfectly – they both love playing in the mud, eating things off the floor, and playing with you when you’re tired. These heartwarming photos will prove that every kid...

a cute little rounded hairstyle dog

Hilarious Rounded And Square Haircuts For Dogs

A taiwanese stylist has just created a new trend for doggies, round and square haircuts! Take a look at these photos and have fun, the little ones are so hilarious! Round And Square Haircuts...

These Are The Richest Dogs In The World

Believe it or not, these dogs are living way better than me and you! Here are some pictures showing you the richest dogs in the world. But it seems the luxury life appeals to...

Sometimes Dogs Can Be Jerks And Careless Too

Sure, dogs are fluffy, friendly, loyal, adorable and all that, but they can also be total assholes as well. Sometimes, when you come home to the aftermath of an asshole dog like the ones...

doggies left home alone

This is what doggies do when home alone

Have you ever wondered what your doggies do when they are left home alone? Watch this video and find out! Absolutely hilarious and cute! You didn’t think they would do this! Doggies home alone