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French Bulldog Needs A Valentine

Because Valentines Day is here, it looks like not only humans need someone to be their valentine. Check out this video with a cute Bulldog eating a rose. Definitely he needs a valentine.

Snoozing Dogs and Cats

It will be hard not laugh at the following video compilation with dogs and cats. Pets, especially dogs and cats, are masters when it comes in giving us funny moments.

Amazing Photos With Dogs Taken From Underneath

These amazing photos with dogs taken from underneath are the creation of photographer Andrius Burba. He also took photos with cats from underneath and when he saw the success it had, he though doing...

Dogs Who Love Playing in the Mud

All dogs love water. Some dogs even enjoy crawling on the grass or mud. This in turn will become a “joy” for both owners and dogs(as they have Bath written all over them). If...

a dog giving high five

Expressive Dog Portraits Will Surely Make Your Day

Noodles, Scout and Loli. These 3 photo models have wonderful, playful natures that Vogelsang, the photographer communicates perfectly in her expressive portraits. If you have a rough day, this post will be what you...