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a cute little rounded hairstyle dog

Hilarious Rounded And Square Haircuts For Dogs

A taiwanese stylist has just created a new trend for doggies, round and square haircuts! Take a look at these photos and have fun, the little ones are so hilarious! Round And Square Haircuts...

kitties on light spots

Those Animals Love Warmth More Than Anything

If there is warmth, there is also a happy animal! Take a look at those pictures showing you animals that are in love with warmth! Animals That Love Warm Places Credits: BoredPanda

this is darius the biggest rabbit in the world

Meet Darius, The World’s Biggest Rabbit

At 4ft 4in (1.3m) and 22.2kg, Darius is currently the biggest rabbit in the world. Look at those pictures and see how big he is! Not only he is the biggest but he is...