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this guy sings love songs in 20 different styles

Love songs in 20 different styles

As a Valentine’s Day special, Ten Second Songs sings some love songs in 20 different styles! This video is absolutely amazing. Watch and have a lovely Valentine’s Day with the one you love! Just...


Art made from crayons

This is absolutely amazing! Watch how much you can do with crayons! This is beyond imagination, art made from crayons! Art made from crayons

magic made by carving wood

Magic created by carving wood

It’s amazing how many things can be done with wood! We use wood to make fire to warm ourselves, to make fire in order to cook us breakfast but, you can use the wood...

the most majestic library of all

10 Of the most majestic libraries in the world

Though they are losing ground to the e-book and the audio book, libraries were once central hubs of human intellectual progress. There’s something about them that still attracts people, however – whether it’s their...