This “Sexy Maid” prank makes the patients so embarrassed

This prank is lame but funny! In this prank, an unsuspecting patient comes into a doctor’s office, only to find a sexy maid working there. Well, what is so sexy about her, you ask? Let me tell you…when she bends over to clean, you can see her naked booty! And her legs aren’t bad either! Enjoy this dear funpedders. If you were to go to the doctor for a check, and you see, this doctor has this very sexy maid that cleans up and when she bends over…BOOM! hahaha! I bet you will look right? But what about when you’ll find out it was a hidden camera prank! You’d be totally embarrassed! Have fun and stay awesome!

sexy maid waving at a camera

Sexy Maid prank

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