One Golden Retriever, 8 Birds and a Hamster Are Best Friends

In the following images you will see an unusual friendship between a golden retriever, named Bob, eight pet birds and one little hamster. As you can see he is so peaceful around he’s smaller friends that it melts your heart. Dog’s are the most incredible pets a human can have around his how.
golden retriever with a hamster on its nose and eight birds besides him

parrot and the golden retriever Bob

dog sleeping with his smaller friends

bob-golden-retriever (4)

a golden retriever with a small bird on his face

playing dead with birds

three parrots on its paw

sleeping with small birds

dog holds hat with birds inside

focus on four parrots with a golden retriever in the background

four parrots on its head

owner with his pets

eight birds and one dog

hamster on its nose

hamster hanging by its nose

dog looking at the small hamster

dog and birds posing for the photo

sniffing small hamster

golden retriever in the arms of its owner

sleeping under the blanket

hamster playing with dog

hat with birds

all pets under the blanket

dog sleeping on the pillow
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