Mousetraps Set Off A Big Ping-Pong Ball Chain Reaction

In case fireworks aren’t your thing, there’s another great way to ring in the new year – by setting off thousands of armed mousetraps with ping-pong balls in an explosive video like this one!
The video, which was organized by Pepsi and filmed by HarrimanSteel to advertise the Pepsi Max drink, shows everything from the setup for the elaborate and massive experiment to its explosive conclusion. Interestingly enough, this chain reaction can be used in physics classrooms to simulate what happens in a nuclear reactor.
Though a number of sites have written that 2014 mousetraps were used, the video actually used 1650 mousetraps and 1840 ping-pong balls – according to the creators.

ping-pong balls and mousetraps

Ping-pong balls mass chain reaction with mouse traps

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