Meanwhile in… different zones

We all love the meanwhile in photos, they are just awesome if you ever wondered how is the world doing in different zones at the exact time as you just watch the next photos. Here you will see some hilarious and funny photos from around the world showing you what other people are doing in other countries. Some of them are totally WIN , some are FAIL and some are extremely funny! Just watch and see for yourself.

#1 America

america people

#2 Australia

meanwhile in australia

#3 Brazil

meanwhile in brazil

#4 Canada

moose in canada

#5 Egypt

camel from egypt

#6 Finland

cold in finland

#7 Germany

rammstein from germany

#8 Meanwhile in Black Mesa – Half Life 2

black mesa from half life 2

#9 Ireland

gingers from ireland

#10 Japan

big cat in japan

#11 Mexico City

public transport in mexico

#12 Norway

skying in norway

#13 Romania

cow staying in car in romania

#14 Russia

russia being russia

#15 Sweden

dancing like you are in sweden

#16 Ukraine

chernobyl in ukraine

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