Ideas Using Ordinary Things In a Different Way

The below life hacks will show you how you can use ordinary things in a different and clever way.

Covering door knobs with aluminum foil before painting and this is also good if you need to clean glassware.

Protecting Christmas ornaments in an egg box

You can use toothpaste to polish your car’s headlights.

Use a nail file to clean small stains on your shoes.

You can open a jar using only a spoon.

A file holder can be used to store cans and better organize your kitchen.

Small metallic things can be stored on a magnet.

You can use a shower cap to store your shoes.

This metallic cheese grater can be used to hang jewelry.

Towel hooks can be used to make a frame on the wall, for your tablet.

French manicure can be made easily using a elastic band.

Find the end of a roll of tape by adding a paper clip to it.

You can sharpen your scissors by cutting some aluminium foil.

Your car spoiler can also be used as a picnic table.

LEGO pieces can help you organize small things on your desk, like keys and phone charging cables.


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