Famous people photos reenacted by a 17-years-old guy

A guy from New Zealand became social-media famous after creating these humorous imitations of famous people.
Liam Martin is 17 years old and has 1.8 million followers on Instagram. For his creative transformations, Liam wears colorful wigs, garbage bags and even various food items. Watch him transforms in the following celebrities

#1 Nicki Minaj

guy transforms into famous nicki minaj

#2 Taylor Swift

guy with noodles instead of hair

#3 Ariana Grande

ariana grande twin sister

#4 Lady Gaga

lady gaga cosplay

#5 Cara Delevingne

guy wearing a wig

#6 Effie From The “Hunger Games”

guy with butterfly costume

#7 Jennifer Lawrence

guy transforms into jennifer lawrence

#8 Kim Kardashian

guy wearing dress with a low cut neck

#9 Miley Cyrus

this guy wearing bra and eating banana

#10 Katy Perry

egyptian clothes

#11 Iggy Azalea

guy wearing pink trousers and tanktop

#12 Ariana Grande

another ariana grande transformation

#13 Ellen DeGeneres

fairy tale costume

#14 Miley Cyrus

wrecking ball time

#15 Angelina Jolie from “Maleficent”

guy transforms into angelina jolie

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