Dogs Who Love Playing in the Mud

All dogs love water. Some dogs even enjoy crawling on the grass or mud. This in turn will become a “joy” for both owners and dogs(as they have Bath written all over them).

If you own a dog, you know that it needs to exercise outdoors daily. The ideal place for them is in nature. Of course, it depends on where you live and how close are you to nature.
Most dog owners will bring their pets to dog parks.

If you also enjoy nature, then you will most likely take your dog somewhere into the wild.
These have to be one of the funniest pictures with dogs. And most likely a nightmare for the owners.

That face says it all

Sunshine and a pool of mud is what this dog loves

Thinking it should have been water

Good thing the fur on this dog is not white  🙂

Knowing that bath is next; one of them is terrified

A bit to much fun in the mud, for this Bulldog

After the bath this dog will have to clean the room as well

This is one serious dog…mud included

Puppy knows is bath time, and he doesn’t like it

Big or small they both love playing in the mud

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