Cleaning Hacks That Will Transform Your Home

Dust-free blinds

To have dust-free blinds you will need to use a set of tongs and 2 cloths, which will help you clean the blinds more easily.

Clean your washing machine

Filling the detergent drawer with a cup of bleach and then let it run on the hottest cycle. Then run another cycle adding 1/4 cup of baking soda, 1/4 cup of water, and one cup vinegar. This will make your washing machine look like new.

Keep your refrigerator shelves clean

Use Press ‘n Seal foils to cover your refrigerator shelves. It will make cleaning more easily.

How to remove paint from clothes

Use a disposable razor to clean paint from clothes.

Remove pet hair with ease

Pet hair is hard to remove from just about any carpet. Using a squeegee over the carpet will let you speechless.

Easily clean the ceiling features

By wrapping a damp sponge around a broom will make cleaning your ceiling features more easily.

Sparkling clean and smooth iron

Run your iron on a piece of paper sprinkled with salt. This will result in a sparkling clean and smooth iron.

Remove grease stains using chalk

Clean your vents with ease

Just wrap a piece of cloth around and knife and get to work.

Clean a coffee and spice grinder

Add in your grinder some uncooked brown rice and turn it on for a bit.

How to clean a clogged shower head

Clean a shower head with ease by wrapping it in a plastic bag filled with vinegar. Let stay for the night and then simply remove the bag. Your shower bag should be clean and unclogged.

The easiest way to clean silverware

Fill a pot with water, add some aluminum foil, two tablespoons of baking soda and bring everything to a boil and then sink your silverware for a couple of minutes.

Clean your grill

Turn on your grill and then rub an onion over it. It will remove all that grease.

Unclog your drains

Use a cup of vinegar and some Alka-Seltzers. Leave it for about 10 minutes then wash it with warm water.

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