Can you find the difference in the next photos?

They say there is a same us in a parallel universe , that everyone of us has a clone. Well it’s up to you to believe it or not, but the following photos shows us how similar some of the people are with animals, objects or strange things. Some of them are very funny and some of them are very strange. Check them out below.

#1 What’s wrong with this, 3 girls… wait what?

two womens and one dog looking alike

#2 Can you find the dog?

dog that looks like a teddy bear

#3 Who is the real Richard Branson?

richard branson looking like a dog

#4 She is real! Didn’t you know?

tweety granny in real life

#5 Who is more attractive? The case or the woman?

coincidence? i think not

#6 Mmmm Chocolate! Oops, sorry didn’t see your head

human head like chocolate

#7 Do you like Snoop Dogg?

who is the real snoop dogg?

#8 My mother used the same object to clean the dust

fashion nowadays looks like a dust cleaner

#9 The right girl is the hottest right?

nicki minaj and her twin sister

#10 Honey i bought a new towel! Or…

towel and dog looking alike

#11 This is … strange

caterpillar and women looking alike

#12 Justin Timberlake VS Noodles

justin timberlake vs noodles

#13 There he is! There is Cartman!

i see no difference between those two

#14 Wait isn’t this… Carl from Up?

carl from up

#15 Michael was there since the beginning of the Ancient Egypt!

michael jackson and mummy

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