Best 20 Pinterest Fails

You remember the pictures from different websites showing us how to do, or how a thing should like when it’s done, like food making, decorative ideas, art ideas, desert ideas, clothing ideas so far and so forth. Well we captured in a post 20 best pinterest fails ever, showing us different kinds of people trying to achieve these deliciously good-looking and awesome things from pictures across the internet. The results are hilarious and will surely make you laugh, or maybe it’s a source for you to try something out of those ideas, who knows? Watch the following pictures and see for yourself :).

#1 Bottle bottom flowers

best bottom bottle flowers

#2 Chocolate covered kiwi popsicle

chocolate covered kiwi popsicle

#3 Best Cookie bowels

chocolate cookies

#4 Cookie monster cupcakes

failed cookie monster cupcakes

#5 Deviled chicks

pretty and fail chicks

#6 Fried eggs

2 failed eggs

#7 Hair flip

hair flip in movies and hair flip in reality

#8 Marbled nails

zombie nails

#9 Crayons art

melted crayons design fail

<strong#10 Melted minion>

minion cookie done bad

#11 Mozzarella cheese bits

mozzarella melted

#12 Penguin cupcakes

failed penguin cupcakes best

#13 Pumpkin patch baby

best pumpkin costume

#14 Shark cupcakes

sharky cakes

#15 Sock wreath

best welcome sign fail

#16 String balloon

string balloons

#17 Tower kids

best tower ever

#18 Trainwreck cake

birthday cake

#19 T-shirt scarf

scarf on t-shirt

#20 Waffle iron cookies

ironical ironed cookies

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