Advertisements VS Reality

Do you all agree with the commercials and ads we see everyday? But do you actually agree with what the commercial offers and what is the product in reality? Well neither we! Here you will see a compilation of different products from advertisements shown in real life. And we are sure you will laugh sooo hard or, get really mad because you were once a victim of such a product. Photos from food to flowers and amplifiers to water mats will make you laugh out hard, i can assure you that! Have you ever encountered with such a thing funpedders? If so, tell us your story in the comment section below! Have fun and stay awesome funpedders!

Advertisements VS Reality

#1 – Amplifier

amplifier in real life is so mini

#2 – Ball

the very huge ball

#3 – Bubble gum

advertisements and real life bubble gum

#4 – Hamburger

burger ad

#5 – Chocolate

strategically placed chocolate

#6 – Gorgeous dinner

i've lost my apettite looking at this

#7 – Double hamburger

the real burgers strike again

#8 – Flower

flower pot in reality and in advertisements

#9 – Ice cream with caramel

ice cream with lots of caramel

#10 – Lasagna

a very big lasagna

#11 – Loaf with lots of cherries

cherry loaf

#12 – Panda ice cream

panda form ice cream

#13 – Pasta

is that puke or pastas?

#14 – Scooby doo ice cream

scooby doo malphormated

#15 – Tacos

taco bell in reality and in advertisements

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