Adorable Animals Are Taking The Most Epic Power Naps

We all know that when we feel tired we must sleep, usually in a bed, and if we don’t have one then we simply push ourselves to stay awake. But for these adorable animals taking power naps its in their nature, and the place where they fall asleep doesn’t matter that much. These pet owner’s caught their cats and dogs sleeping in the most awkward places and in some hilarious positions.
pup taking a power nap with it's head on the floor

bulldog sleeping in between the couch cushions

cat sleeps on the chair top

baby cat fell asleep in the hood

small puppy taking its power nap in an army helmet

power napping with feet up

this pup sleeps in a funny position on the chair

baby cat sleeps in the espresso machine

dog sleeps witht he feet on the wall

puppy fell asleep with its nose on the steering wheel

power napping dog with feet up

funny dog sleeping in an awkward position

taking a nap on top of a wood log

funny pup sleeping on the floor

puppy sleeping  in the arms of its owner

kitten sleeping on the owners head

small sized puppy sleeps on the bench

kitten takes a power nap in the book

dog sleeps on its owner

cat takes a power nap between toy cars

kitten sleeping under the chair with paws up

cat sleeping on the window sill

two pups sleeping on top of each other

dog with glasses sleeping in bed

puppy sleeps in the shoe

dog sleeping on the stairs

dogs taking a power nap while holding paws

I just can’t stop looking at these cute and adorable animals that are sleeping

With that in mind, I think a quick nap might do wonders for us humans also!

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