10 Top Crazy Transportation Methods

Simply put human imagination at its best. These people have the ability to fit all those things on their transportation like pros.

How did they do that? Perseverance most likely.

Scooter riding is better when you have an armchair on it

armchair added on a scooter

balancing things on head

Bricks perfectly fitted on a bicycle

bricks on bicycle

Carrying cloth on a tricycle seems easy

cloth on tricycle

Making sure you have all the baggage for your trip

lots of baggage on this car

Transporting all the bicycles from your neighborhood

lots of bicycles on top of the car

Buying only one ‘pair’ of blue jeans but….

lots of blue jeans on scooter

Seems you can fit a lot of things on a scooter

scooter full of bags

soldiers ready for battle

Luggage on this bus was a bit too much to handle

too much luggage on this bus
Credit: brightside

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