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cute fluffy dog

Cute Fluffy Dog Waking Up His Owner

That’s it! I want that dog right now! This is the new alarm clock! How lovely it would be if you would wake up every morning, including Monday morning by this cute fluffy dog!...

Animals playing dead

Funny Animals Playing Dead Compilation

This video is hilarious! The animals are so smart! Let’s see this ultimate compilation with animals playing dead! Stay cool ’till next time! Animals playing dead

Stoned funny dogs

Dogs Stoned, After a Visit to the Vet

This is a funny compilation with stoned dogs from the anesthetic they got at the vet. This is very funny, let’s watch together and have fun! Stoned dogs

pets trapped between two couches

Pets and animals vine compilation

You do love funny and hilarious compilations of a pet, or pets, or animals, or an animal, but sometimes it is too short right? Well, i have just the solution! This video is a...