height lovers having dinner

Real photos of unbelievable height lovers

Warning – this post is not for the faint heart people. If you’re afraid of heights , these photos will definitely tickle your nerves. Mountains, rocks, cliffs, huge redwoods, cliffs and bridges – these...

Back to the future photographs

Would you like to see yourself in the future? Probably we all imagine how we will look in a year, in ten or twenty years… Watch those people re-creating their photos when they were...

funny moments with little kid with mohawk

Funny Moments with little kids

Little kids can sometimes be very funny and cute! But they can be more funnier when they are doing “illegal things” LOL! Watch those little kids being mischievous and very adorable at the same...

how will you die

How will you die?

You are still going to die…. but how? Watch the video and see for yourself! Awesome video! This is a funny video animation showing you different diseases that causes death, and also, where. How...

guy at the gym

This is why the most of us go to the gym

If you go to the gym and don’t post about it online, did you really workout at all? Admit it, some of you do this! And of course the famous move “flex your muscle...

toddler on ice

Cute toddler stumble on ice

This is by far the cutest thing i’ve ever seen! Watch this cute toddler falling on ice will melt your entire heart! Toddler falling on ice

heart attack prank

Heart Attack Prank in Public

What will people do when they see a guy suffers a heart attack on street? JoeySalads goes out to New York City and sees if people are willing to help! Will you help him?...