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tutorial for frieza makeup

Learn How To Look Like Frieza From Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball Z Frieza Makeup A very nice tutorial for the makeup of the great villain from Dragon Ball Z Frieza! This genius makeup artist teaches you how to properly look like Frieza! Credits:...

chain chomp from mario

How To Make A Mario Inspired Bed For Your Cat

This is a combination of cat bed and storage chest based on the Chain Chomp character from the Super Mario Bros. Your cat will surely love this amazing mario inspired bed! Mario Inspired Bed...

the giant twix bar slice

This Is How You Make A Giant Twix Bar Slice

This recipe for creating a giant twix bar slice is so easy and requires no baking! In less than 30 minutes you will have the biggest twix bar slice which is great for serving...

objects created from coloured paper

Create Different Funny And Awesome Things From Paper

If you like to create handmade stuff watch those photos featuring different objects made from paper! That’s right, those are really amazing.Whoever created those, has some real talent. Different Things Created From Paper