Funny Images With Things Done The Wrong Way

All these things were done the wrong way. Some people either have a low IQ or a very high sense of humor.

No matter what they did here are things done the wrong way

Items misplaced in supermarket shelves.
things_done_wrong (2)

Using gym machines the wrong way.

things_done_wrong (4)

Bicycle parked upside down.

things_done_wrong (3)

Washing laptop with a lot of water and soap.

things_done_wrong (5)

Private lake with a small door, but no fence.


things_done_wrong (6)

Spinning wheel for kids blocked with concrete blocks.

things_done_wrong (7)

Sign that says the same thing.

things_done_wrong (8)

Driving on wrong lane of the road.

things_done_wrong (9)

Sign that writes: “Absolutely no signs allowed on building”. Pretty funny, right?

things_done_wrong (10)

Advertising sign with : “Don’t worry, vegetarians, we also have Turkey and Chicken”

things_done_wrong (11)

Machine with two signs. Remove card quickly. Remove card slowly.

things_done_wrong (17)

Using the seat belt the wrong way.

things_done_wrong (16)

A door for people with disabilities, but there are some stairs you need to climb to get to it.

things_done_wrong (15)

Wearing jeans backwards.

things_done_wrong (14)

Securing a bicycle with only a belt.

things_done_wrong (13)

Using the on screen keyboard, instead of the physical one.

things_done_wrong (12)

Having his work computer really high on the desk .

things_done_wrong (18)

Sign for people with disabilities in front of stairs.

things_done_wrong (19)

Placing a glass of wine on top of the iPhone, to protect the table from spills.

things_done_wrong (20)

Packages arranged in the wrong way.

things_done_wrong (1)

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