Foods You Can Buy Once And Regrow Forever

foods that you can regrow foreverYou will see that you buy and consume some of these foods on a daily basis. But what you didn’t know is that you could regrow them forever. Bellow is a list with these foods that you can regrow.


Regrow green onions from cuttings

You can also regrow onions

Regrowing carrots its easy to do

Regrow Celery

Regrow Sweet Potato’s

Regrow Leeks

Regrow Bok Choy


Regrow Avocado by following the steps in the photo

Youn can regrow lemons by harvesting their seeds and plant them.

Regrow Pineapples

Herbs & Spices

Regrow Ginger

Regrow Basil from cuttings

Regrow Lemongrass

You can easily regrow a garlic bulb by laeving it in a dry and dark place. You will see the green parts in about three weeks time.

Propagate Rosemary cuttings

Regrow Lemon Balm

Regrow Mint

You can also do a quick search on youtube or any other video sharing website for instructions. Or even on google to find more detailed instructions on how to regrow each of them.

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