singers fail moments

Another Video Of Famous Singers Failing Hard

Some of them are really embarrassing but also very funny and hilarious! Watch them all and see for yourself. Ow, and by the way, Katy Perry is the worst! Hahahaha. Singers Fails On Stage

awkward moments on live tv

Top 10 Most Awkward Moments On Live Tv

We are all having fun watching tv, but we love when we see all kinds of fails and awkward moments on live TV! Enjoy some of the best awkward moments here. The Most Awkward...

dumb people doing dumb things

A Funny Video With Dumb People Doing Dumb Things

Good day to you, dear funpedders! Today we will laugh out loud with this video of dumb people doing dumb things. Just look at those “not-so-smart” people. Enjoy! Dumb People Doing Dumb Things

the best celebrities fail moments

Top 10 Best Celebrities Fail Moments

Celebrities are human too, so they also have their fail moments! Let’s watch them and laugh hard like we do it here on! The Best Celebrities Fail Moments

Secret door

Constructions That Are Unbelievably Stupid

Seriously…what on earth were these people thinking when they constructed all of these places?! Although you will be thinking how crazy these fails are, at least you will be laughing your head off at...

funny sports fail

Funny Sports Moments

Sport is not only good for your health but can also improve your sense of humor as it provides lots of material for fun blog like this one! I understand that it’s a bit...

three drunk people

Extreme drunk people compilation video

It’s Friday! Yep, let’s celebrate together and have some fun, in funpedia style! Watch this absolutely hilarious video of funny drunken people doing random hilarious stuff! Hahahaha :)) Oops, better not laugh, tonight, i...