a real Thor's hammer was built

Someone Built A Real-Life Thor’s Hammer

A replica of Mjolnir (Thor’s Hammer) from The Avengers that’s pretty much unliftable unless you’ve got my fingerprints! This hilarious prank, which also shows the neat electrical engineering that went into making the “unliftable”...

the scratched cd

Remember The Good Old 90’s With These Photos

Back in the days, internet was not yet a popular thing and technology didn’t occupy the lives of people the way it does now. In short, life was simpler. But, here’s a thought: What...

this is darth vader

Darth Vader Is Chocking People At Comic Con

Darth Vade At Comic Con Few could resist the asphyxiating grip of the Dark Side when Dupree Jones, who cosplays as Darth Vader, tried out the Sith lord’s famous Force choke on the rebel...